The city of Didim (also known by the ancient name of Didyma) nestles on the western coast of Turkey. This beautiful seaside resort is lapped by the sparkling Aegean Sea and sheltered by gently sloping hills. Mythological legend has it that “Didyma” (meaning twin) relates to the God and Goddess, Apollo and Artemis, who were born here.

Didim is also the name of a district which incorporates a number of townships including Altinkum, Yesilkent, Mavisehir and Akbuk.

This area was first popularised as a holiday resort some 15 years ago by Turkish tourists who travelled from larger cities including Istanbul, Ankara, and lzmir to this gem of the Aegean. Due to their fondness for this magical place, these tourists began to build their own holiday homes, apartments, and villas. In the period since then many foreign holiday makers and investors have followed this example and are now buying properties of their own.

Didim benefits from glorious summers and mild winters, allowing locals and tourists alike to enjoy it’s famed golden beach even in the winter months. Didim brings together mysticism and ancient history, a rich culture, a vibrant social climate and all the attributes associated with modern day living.

During the day you can bask in the sun on Altinkum’s fabulous golden sands and experience the relaxed lifestyle and laid back attitude of this friendly coastal resort. By contrast the exciting and colourful night-time atmosphere of Altinkum should not be missed.
About The Temple Of Apollo
During the day you can bask in the sun on Altinkum’s fabulous golden sands and experience the relaxed lifestyle and laid back attitude of this friendly coastal resort. By contrast the exciting and colourful night-time atmosphere of Altinkum should not be missed.

The large carving of Medusa at the entrance of the site is not to be missed.

By contrast experience a night-time visit to the Temple of Apollo and see it spectacularly illuminated.

Savour traditional Turkish cuisine and speciality fish dishes at nearby restaurants overlooking this ancient monument.
About Didim Market
Didim market is held each Saturday all year round. Here you will find an enormous array of delicious, organic fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. In addition a wide selection of locally produced cheeses and yoghurts can be seen (and sampled).

Feast your eyes on colouful spices and enjoy the aromatic scents amongst the many market stalls. The market is worth a visit if only to marvel at the size and variety of produce available.

Planning a BBQ? This is most definitely the place to be.

An extensive range of clothing, handbags, shoes and sports wear, are also not to be missed. Don’t forget to enter in to the spirit of local tradition by haggling for the best price.
About The Weather in Didim
Long days of warm sunshine, clear blue skies, turquoise sea combined with a welcoming breeze – ideal holiday weather!
Average Daytime Temperatures
The coasts of the Aegean really warms up in March and April. By the time you get to May the sun begins to blaze and air conditioning engineers begin to proliferate.

The short lived rainfall over the winter months ensure that Didim stays lush with vegetation all year round, thus making this region many people’s favourite
About Maviþehir
Mavisehir is a traditional Turkish township just 20 minutes ride by Dolmus (the local mini-bus) from Altinkum centre. This quaint, quiet region of Didim is set in a tranquil bay and is full of character.

It has it’s own private beach area and a tree lined promanade with seating from which you can delight in Mavisehir’s spectacular sunsets.

Mavisehir has a market which is open all day and late into the night.

Traditional tea gardens and seating areas adorn the waterfront, offering Turkish music and dance in the evening, during the months of July and August. You may even see the locals, enjoying tea whilst playing backgammon and the Turkish game of Okey.

Mavisehir has a few small shops which are open all year round and now boasts its own supermarket.
About the Aquapark
Situated just outside the centre of Mavisehir the new aqua park just a short Dolmus ride away from the Centre of Didim.

Themed on a brightly coloured Moorish town, the walled park has 3 swimming pools, a rafting area, trampolines, tennis, bar and restaurant. Complete with turrets, the water slides are integrated with the overall theme.

Highly popular is the “Bubble Party”. A bubble machine showers everyone with bubbles ensuring that guests of all ages get into the party mood.
About the Marina
Altinkum Marina is now under constrution and when finished the multi – million doller project will have a capacity of to moor 555 yachts and various other facillies whilst still keeping the old marina and making the new one, one of the best in the Aegean.

Altinkum’s ferry port (opening May ’07) will operate ferries to Greece and the 3 islands of Kos and Samos and Patmos.

Like so many other of the resorts recent and exciting projects this one will greatly contribute to the tourism aims of Didim.

So, bearing all that in mind, why are you not already here?

Didim sahil
Elit Emlak

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