Purchasing property in Turkey is now very easy, as long as you go to the right people for the right advice so Once you decide which property to purchase All you will need to purchase a property here is your passport; and a deposit of 10% it is advisable that if you are coming to Turkey specifically to buy a property that you have sufficient funds available to cover the deposit and legal expenses

A legal Contract will be drawn up between the Purchaser, the Estate Agent and the Vendor. This will take place in a Solicitors office. The Contract will be in both Turkish and English. There will be a legal Translator present. The contracts and legal processes are much more simplified in Turkey. Compared to a UK contract, a Turkish contract is in very understandable form.

Elite Turkish Property will ensure that you have understood and are comfortable with the Contract and the costs involved. At this stage you will be expected to pay a 10% deposit, the Solicitors fee’s and the Translators fee’s. Copies of the Contract will have been drawn up for all parties involved, in both Turkish and English. The Purchaser and the Vendor each sign the all copies of the Contract. Each party then receive 2 copies of the signed Contract (one in Turkish, one in English). Once the Contracts have been duly signed and exchanged, the property is considered sold. This protects Purchaser being gazumped by a higher bidder.

Another thing you will find different in Turkey is getting your title deeds (tapu), you will not receive these at the moment of completion although you can occupy your property immediately. Title Deeds are only issued to foreign purchasers once all the government and military checks have been completed, this can take up to 3 or 4 months. This is normal procedure here and many properties have been purchased here by foreigners during this time Elite Turkish Property will be able to act on your behalf in your absence and process your application

To do this we can arrange an appointment for the Purchaser to visit the Notary office. This is in order for the Purchaser to give Elite Turkish Property Power of Attorney. This enables us to act on behalf of the Purchaser and carry out all legal work with the Deeds Office regarding the purchase of the property. There will be a legal Translator present. At this stage we will provide you with our bank account details including the swift code enabling you to easily transfer further funds. Elite Turkish Property will then be able to pay the costs and fees necessary in order to transfer the title deeds of the property and utility connections into your name.We wish to reiterate that this is a legal procedure, which requires by law to be translated to you at the Notary Office by a legal Translator who is, at the time, under oath.

For the above mentioned procedure, at the Notary Office, Elite Turkish Property will need the following from the purchaser.
  • Your Passports, which we will photocopy and hand back immediately.
  • The full names of you and your parents.
  • Your full address and contact telephone numbers.
  • 6 passport size photographs for each person to be named on the title deeds
  • The Apox cost of the Notary Office is £120 (£30 for the Translator and £90 for the Notary itself)
Once the Ministry of Defence has completed its Military checks, permission to go ahead with the purchase will be sent to Elite Turkish Property. We will in turn contact the purchaser requesting transfer the outstanding balance to our bank account. Please note any other expenses such as Buyers tax, Water and Electricity connection fees etc must be transferred at this time too.

Once Elite Turkish Property receives the title deeds in the name of the Purchaser, we will inform them. When the title deeds are received by us we will charge the Estate Agency Commission Fee. This will complete the legalities for all parties. All that is now needed is for the Purchaser to collect the title deeds from our office.
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